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Monthly Website Maintenance

Once your custom website is up and running, we offer monthly web site promotion and website maintenance for continued tuning and upkeep of your site. As information and features contained within your website change, such as upgrading of inventory, new photographs, or new company logo / graphics, or personnel, we will be there to make the appropriate changes within the website. As the search engines change and upgrade the algorithms they use to list and rank websites (potentially reducing your website's position in search results), we will be there to tweak the programming code within your website pages, to renew and maintain 'Search Engine Friendliness', and your ability to be found by your potential customers performing an Internet search. Ask yourself these questions:

  • If you have an existing website, does anybody know where it is?
  • How is it being promoted and marketed? On-line, off-line?
  • How is your website differentiated from your competition?
  • New custom website or existing website, do you know how many visitors you have - per day, per week, per month, per year?
  • What hour of the day are you most frequently visited?
  • Do you know who referred those visitors to your website?
  • Exactly what search words or phrases did your visitors use to find your website?
  • Or perhaps you do get some web traffic, but do they look at any other pages after your initial home page?
  • How long are they at your website before they move on to some other website?
  • When you pay for advertising through radio, TV, newspaper, ect., how can you be sure which ads are working to bring you website traffic, and which ads are not?
The point of these questions is that if you had a Monthly Statistics Report, you would have the answers to these, and many other important questions. These answers could be very useful in helping to manage your overall Internet marketing program.

Custom website, website design, custom web design, website, custom website design Custom website, website design, custom web design, website, custom website design

For example, if you were to run advertising spots which included your web site address in, perhaps, three different media (radio, TV, magazine), during, say, three different weeks, you could watch the traffic spikes at your website, on a day-by-day basis, and know accurately which type of media was the most cost-effective way to spend your advertising dollars! Also, when changes and improvements are made to the website itself, it is easy to track the effectiveness of those changes.

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